Recorded Programs

Supreme Court Review (October Term 2021) and Preview (October Term 2022)

Panel Discussion on Stinney: An American Execution – Feb. 25, 2022

Supreme Court Review (October Term 2020) and Preview (October Term 2021) – Jan. 28, 2022

Mining the Golden Nuggets Program

Social Media as Evidence: How to Obtain It, Interpret It, and Use It in Court

Prisoner Civil Rights Pro Bono Opportunities: Perspectives from Practitioners & Pro Bono Volunteers

The Western District’s prisoner civil rights pro bono program presents an excellent opportunity for trial work, without lengthy discovery.

Supreme Court Review Program – January 27, 2021

COVID and the Court Update – January 15, 2021

A panel discussion and Q&A with Chief Judge Robert Jonker and Judge Hala Jarbou for an update on the impact of COVID on court operations and litigation.

December Speaker Series: Written/Oral Advocacy – December 9, 2020

Lawyers must do two things well: speak persuasively and write persuasively. Our panelists will share their perspective on how to achieve and further develop these essential skills.

Distinguished speakers:
U.S. District Judge Paul L. Maloney
Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Thomas C. Cameron
Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Heather S. Bergmann

Power Act Event Reprise: Pro Bono In A Pandemic – November 12, 2020

The program focused on pro bono opportunities in the domestic violence context. The pandemic has amplified the need for pro bono representation. You do not need to be a domestic relations lawyer to provide help. To the contrary, opportunities abound for anyone with a law license and a willingness to help. The program this year emphasized the unique needs and opportunities during the covid-19 pandemic.